Joel Dokmegang, Ph.D

Mathematical Modelling | Computational Sciences

System.out.println("Music lovers zone");

One thing about me is that I love music.

I play acoustic, electric and bass guitars. My fingers are still trying to learn their way around a piano.

I have performed live on countless occasions across the UK and Cameroon. I am also a session musician and have played guitar parts for a few recording artists, especially in Cameroon.

I recently stepped in the shoes of a music producer, acting as executive producer of the Cameroonian version of the worldwide hymn 'The Blessing'. In this project, we worked with 60+ Cameroonian artists spread across our diverse country, and in 06 additional nations on 03 continents to produce 'The Blessing Cameroon', sung in 09 national and local languages. Please, check out The Blessing Cameroon.

During Lockdown in the UK, there were not many opportunities for fun, so I had fun on my own playing guitar. Check it out here.